Thursday, November 28, 2013

Westfield vs Plainfield Pre-Game Prediction

After gaining the best rivalry game by USA today, Westfield will host Plainfield in the traditional Turkey Day Battle.

My computer geek neighbor, Jimmy Neutron is 6-0 in post season predictions.  So I checked with him on this game.  Everyone has Westfield favorite but Jimmy right now is on a roll. 

Jimmy explains that Westfield is more versatile than Plainfield.  Westfield has an excellent running back in Eugene "You'll Never Find" Rawles.  Rawles is one of the top rushers in the state.  Plainfield does not stop the run.  So expect a heavy dose of Mr. Rawles today.  Westfield has a solid QB in Chris Hogge but Plainfield's strength on defense is their defensive backs.  If Plainfield can force Westfield into 2nd or 3rd and long, they may have a chance of slowing down Westfield offensive output.

Plainfield has been very predictable on the offensive end.  Mr. Steve Jones Jr. made a mark 2 years on Westfield's home turf as a sophomore rushing for nearly 150-yards.  Jones has been under the radar due to Plainfield's one-win season thus far but Jones Jr. is arguably one of the best overall football players in the county.  Khaliq Harris is another one under the radar.  The senior defensive back will have to play up on the run and still honor Westfield's talented QB Chris Hogge passing ability. Senior Mikhail Thompson, and junior's James Spann and 6'6" 260lb Kenny "Big Foot" Carter will have to play their best game.  After missing the last 2-games, 315 lb bench presser 6'4" 250lb junior defensive lineman Antwan Wilson should be fresh and angry which does not suit well for Westfield.

Look for Jones Jr. and Mustafa Harris to break one but more will be needed if Plainfield wants to win. 

With that all said, Jimmy expects Plainfield to give a better showing than what most experts believe. But it will not be enough.  Plainfield's struggle to slow down the run will be key.  Westfield has an excellent rushing attack and Eugene "Lou" Rawles will be looking to sing his way to the end-zone.

Jimmy Neutron predicts:

Plainfield - 14
Westfield - 29

PS:  shout out for the following classes

Class of 43 - 70 year reunion
Class of 53 - 60 year reunion
Class of 63 - 50 year reunion
Class of 73 - 40 year reunion
Class of 83 - 30 year reunion
Class of 88 - 25 year reunion
Class of 93 - 20 year reunion
Class of 03 - 10 year reunion (rookies!!)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Elizabeth vs Plainfield

Plainfield - 6
Elizabeth - 43

Top Players of the Game:

1)      Elizabeth – Junior - #22 Marquise Leak – ER-26.20
96 yards rushing on 19 attempts, 8 yards receiving, 2-point conversion, 2 TD’s, 5.1 yards/rush, 14-points scored

2)      Plainfield – Senior - #22 Steve Jones – ER-23.93
40 yards rushing on 6 attempts, 5 tackles, 47-yard TD punt return, 114-all purpose yards, 1 TD, 6.7 yards/rush, 6-points scored

3)      Elizabeth – Sophomore - #27 Kyron Paige – ER-18.51
52 yards rushing on 11 attempts, 2 TD’s, 4.7 yards/rush, 12-points scored

4)      Elizabeth – Junior - #10 Tyree Gutierrez – ER-18.44
49 yards passing on 3 of 6 passing, 38-yards rushing on 6 attempts, 1 tackle, 2-point conversion, 1 TD pass, 6.3 yards/rush, 16.3 yards/completion, 8-points scored

5)      Plainfield – Senior - #21 Khaliq Harris – ER-15.00
6 tackles, 2 tackles for loss yardage, 1 QB sack, 1 fumble recovery,

6)      Elizabeth – Senior -  #32 Fabrice Juin – ER-13.94
33-yard fumble recovery return for a TD, 1 TD, 1 fumble recovery, 6-points scored

7)      Elizabeth – Junior - #2 Umar Garner – ER-10.54
1 reception for 25-yards, 1 TD, 6-points scored

8)      Plainfield – Senior - #56 Mikhail Thompson – ER-7.50
4 tackles, 1 tackle for loss yardage, 1 QB sack,

9)      Plainfield – Sophomore - #6 Daryl Kennedy – ER-7.01
4 tackles, 2, tackles for loss yardage,

10)  Plainfield – Junior - #4 James Spann – ER-6.00
6 tackles,

11)  Elizabeth – Senior - #28 Keion Hunter – ER-5.72
1 reception for 16-yards, 1 fumble recovery,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Group 5 Section 2 State Semi-Final Predictions

After amazingly watching my computer geek neighbor Jimmy Neutron pick 4 of 4 games in the first round of the Playoffs, the Cardinal Fanatic has given up picking games.  Here is what the Cardinal Fanatic can tell you about the final four teams and what Jimmy Neutron says will happen.

Three Plainfield opponents are remaining in the Group 5 section 2 final four.  The only team that Plainfield did not face remaining is the team with a former Plainfield player starting at the QB position for Piscataway.

Linden @ Ridge

In the first match up, Linden won the battle of the front line.  Linden was a drop touchdown pass from putting the only blemish on Ridge’s season.  Ridge showed that they would not falter as they made a nice come back against a tough Linden team.  Ridge is home and that will be a major advantage.  One thing that the Cardinal Fanatic can say, it is tough to beat the same team twice in a season. 
Connor Hughes has demonstrated that he is the best QB in Central Jersey.  Can Linden front line contain Ridge’s high octane offense?

Jimmy Neutron tells me that Ridge will win

Linden 18
Ridge 24

Piscataway vs Union

Union has come on strong down the stretch beating some solid teams.  One thing Union has done is shutdown the run. Rawles of Westfield, Jones of Plainfield and Cunningham of Watchung Hills had a hard way to go against the front line of Union.  Piscataway has a freshman running back stud but the upperclassmen line of Union may slow down Piscataway’s running attack.

Jimmy Neutron tells me that Union will win this and face Ridge for the State Championship.

Piscataway 17
Union 26

Monday, November 18, 2013

Results of Predictions

Looks like my geek neighbor Jimmy Neutron knows what he is talking about.
Here is how our predictions went:

Jimmy Neutron Prediction {1-0}
Watchung Hills – 18
Union – 23

Cardinal Fanatic Prediction {0-1}
Watchung Hills – 22
Union – 17

Actual Score
Watchung Hills – 0
Union - 28

Jimmy Neutron Prediction {2-0}
Westfield – 20
Ridge – 33

Cardinal Fanatic Prediction {1-1}
Westfield – 14
Ridge – 19

Actual Score
Westfield 28
Ridge 35

Jimmy Neutron Prediction {3-0}
Linden – 23
Bayonne – 22

Cardinal Fanatic Prediction {1-2}
Linden – 18
Bayonne – 24

Actual Score
Linden – 23
Bayonne – 0

Jimmy Neutron Prediction {4-0}
Immaculata – 16
Red Bank Catholic – 36

Cardinal Fanatic Prediction {1-3}
Immaculata – 41
Red Bank Catholic – 24

Actual Score
Immaculata – 14
Red Bank Catholic – 42

Next up: Predictions of the Ridge vs Linden and Union vs Piscataway Semifinals



Friday, November 15, 2013

Other Predictions....

Watchung Hills @ Union

Jimmy Neutron Prediction
Watchung Hills – 18
Union – 23

Cardinal Fanatic Prediction
Watchung Hills – 22
Union – 17

Westfield @ Ridge

Jimmy Neutron Prediction
Westfield – 20
Ridge – 33

Cardinal Fanatic Prediction
Westfield – 14
Ridge – 19

Bayonne vs Linden Prediction

Linden {5-3}
Bayonne {4-5}

I am confused by this power point system but Jimmy Neutron tells me it has its way of working things out.  Bayonne at 4-5 hosting a playoff game?  But Mr. Neutron and his fancy computer tell me that this game will be very tight.  Jimmy Neutron tells me that Linden will squeak by in a tight game.  My gut feelings tell me something different.  The Cardinal Fanatic is rooting for Linden but looking over the season, Bayonne played a tougher schedule.  Playing the likes of Union City, St. Peter’s Prep and Montclair will give Bayonne a sense of confidence.  Bayonne played 6 teams that are in the playoffs while Linden played 3.  Linden has an impressive front line and they can change the game.  But Linden inconsistent play has the Cardinal Fanatic nervous.  With that said, the Cardinal Fanatic will go with Bayonne.

Jimmy Neutron Prediction
Linden – 23
Bayonne – 22

Cardinal Fanatic Prediction
Linden – 18
Bayonne – 24

Next up:  Watchung Hills @ Union

Red Bank Catholic vs Immaculata Prediction

Immaculata {6-3}
Red Bank Catholic {8-0}

Playoff - Round 1

Red Bank Catholic has been ripping teams apart.  While Immaculata struggled early but made an impressive late season push.  Jimmy Neutron (my computer geek neighbor) tells me Red Bank Catholic will win pulling away.  My gut feeling tells me Red Bank Catholic is a very good team but is not battle tested.  Facing only 1 playoff team all season will not get RBC in prime shape for the playoffs.  On the other hand Immaculata has faced 5 playoff teams and 7 of 9 teams had winning records.  My guts tell me Immaculata in the upset.

Jimmy Neutron Prediction
Immaculata – 16
Red Bank Catholic – 36

Cardinal Fanatic Prediction
Immaculata – 21
Red Bank Catholic – 14

Next up: Linden @ Bayonne Prediction

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Post Season of Plainfield Opponents Preview...

The Cardinal Fanatic experienced a very gloomy season.  Plainfield played a very difficult schedule with 6 of 9 opponents making the playoffs and only one team suffering a losing season.  The only team that the Cardinals faced with a losing season was the defending state champion Elizabeth who defeated a very good Linden team and finished the season strong.

With that said lets look at the teams that Plainfield played and what's next for them.

Immaculata will visit Red Bank Catholic in the first round of the playoffs

Linden will visit Bayonne in the first round of the playoffs.

Montgomery will host East Brunswick in a consolation game.

North Hunterdon will host J.P. Stevens in a consolation game.

Watchung Hills will visit Union in the first round of the playoffs.

Westfield will visit Ridge in the first round of the playoffs.

Elizabeth will host Columbia in a consolation game.

Plainfield will visit Kearny in a consolation game.

All games are on Friday night. 

The Cardinal Fanatic will be routing for our conference foes!!!!

next up Immaculata @ Red Bank Catholic prediction....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Plainfield vs Union

Union - 32
Plainfield - 6

Top Players of the Game:

1)      Union – Senior - #5 Jabree Robertson – ER-37.45
168 yards rushing on 18 attempts, 30 yards receiving, 2 TD’s, 9.33 yards/rush, 12-points scored, 233 total yardage gained

2)      Union – Senior - #1 Diego Rios – ER-31.99
7 completions on 11 attempts, 63.3% pass completion, 192 yards passing, 2 TD passes, 27.4 yards/completion, 12-points scored

3)      Plainfield – Senior - #22 Steve Jones – ER-31.57
59 yards rushing on 17 attempts, 3 tackles, 156 yards on 2 kick off return attempts, 1 TD, 99-½ yard kick off return for a TD, 3.5 yards/rush, 6-points scored, 215 total yards

4)      Union – Senior - #17 Travon Gravenhise – ER-15.24
84 yards receiving on 2 receptions, 1 TD, 42 yards/reception, 6-points scored

5)      Union – Senior - #21 Agbai Iroha – ER-10.13
2 tackles, 1 TD, 6-points scored

6)      Union – Senior -  #2 Lance Lee – ER-9.91
21 yards receiving on 2 receptions, 1 tackle, 1 TD, 10.5 yards/reception, 6-points scored

7)      Plainfield – Junior - #4 James Spann – ER-9.50
6 tackles, 1 tackle for loss yardage, 1 QB Sack,

8)      Union – ?? - #52 Name not on roster – ER-9.50
3 tackles, 3 tackles for loss yardage, 1 QB Sack

9)      Plainfield – Sophomore - #6 Daryl Kennedy – ER-8.41
3 tackles, 1 tackle for loss yardage, 1 fumble recovery,

10)  Plainfield – Junior - #38 Safir Stubbs – ER-8.00
3 tackles, 2 tackles for loss yardage, 1 QB sack

11)  Plainfield – Junior - #90 Kenny Carter – ER-8.00
5 tackles, 2 tackles for loss yardage