Saturday, September 17, 2011

Phillipsburg vs Plainfield

Phillipsburg – 27
Plainfield – 26

In what was a great game, the young Red Birds came up 1 point short of pulling the opening season upset. There were some surprises with the overall improvement of the team from last year.

1) Mental mistakes and penalties were minimal to non-existence
2) Although the Cards lost due to extra points, the kicking game has improved
3) Offensive line – has improved
4) Passing accuracy has improved

Rickie Barnett garnered the Plainfield Fanatic overall player of the game. Rickie did everything possible. The amazing thing about Rickie, at times it does not seem he is giving a 100%. Imagine if he did? Rickie finished his day with 230 combined yards and 1 touchdown.

Rickie finished the game averaging nearly 20 yards per reception, which included a touch down. Rickie also handled the majority of the special teams function. Barnett continues the Cardinals long list of dangerous kick/punt returnees. His returns constantly put the Cards in excellent field position.

Other than one block punt, Rickie’s kicking game was respectable. Unfortunately for the Cards, the one block punt was returned for a touch down.

Other Notes:
Offensive Player of the game – Dii’Jon Allen Jordan
Defensive Player of the game – Akiel Revan

The following player’s earned the Cardinal Fanatic Star for their helmets

Rickie Barnett – 5*
Dii’Jon Allen-Jordan – 3*
Robert Jackson – 2*
Hampton Pringley - *
Lamond Sparrow - *
Don Juan Harrison - *
Chad Jno-Lewis- *
Joshua Forehand - *
Quahif Lane - *
Trellis Nash - *
Tyler Barratt - *
Akiel Revan - *

Next game: Somerville @ home at 1:00pm on September 24th