Saturday, December 3, 2011

Plainfield vs Millburn

Plainfield – 21
Millburn – 13

The Cardinals visited Millburn in a consolation game.  This is the first meeting between the 2 schools in recent memory.  Thirst for Knowledge, this would be a good one for the record books to see if this was our first meeting.

Robert Jackson was basically shutdown in the previous game against Linden.  The Cardinals ground game was averaging well over 100 yards per game until they met Linden.  But Jackson rebounded with an exceptional performance and arguably one of the best performances all season by a Cardinal as Robert Jackson rumbled for 222 yards rushing to propel the Cardinals to their 2nd victory of the season. 

The offensive linemen looked impressive as Seniors Don Juan Harrison, Chad Jno-Lewis, and Lamond Sparrow led the way and created holes the size of the Lincoln Tunnel.  Junior center Dawel Benscome anchored the middle while 6’7 320 lb junior offensive tackle Leon “The Bus” Johnson used his quick feet to pull from his tackle position and create holes to help Jackson average nearly 6 yards per carry.  

1)      The offensive line started to look like one unit.
2)      The running game was punishing
3)      The defensive unit play was much improved.

Robert Jackson’s performance was not to be out done as Lamond Sparrow also gave a dominating performance on both sides of the line. Sparrow dominated the offensive line, while on the defensive line he had 5 tackles, 1 sack, and 3 tackles for negative yards.  Sparrow also had a game ending interception.  But Robert Jackson season high 200 + yards was able to eek out Lamond Sparrow for player of the game. 

Other Notes:
Offensive Player of the game – Chad Jno-Lewis
Defensive Player of the game – Lamond Sparrow 

The following player’s earned the Cardinal Fanatic Star for their helmets
Robert Jackson – 5*
Lamond Sparrow – 4*
Chad Jno-Lewis – 3*
Don Juan Harrison – 3*
Joshua Forehand – 2*
Trellis Nash – 2*
Tyler Barratt – 2*
Dii’Jon Allen-Jordan – 2*
Rickie Barnett – 2*
Dawel Benscome - *
Devin Wilson - *
Leon Johnson - *
Marquis Drennen - *
Quahif Lane - *
RaeKwon Fletcher - *
Samir Campbell - *
Amir Bradley - *
Khaliq Harris - *
Sharrieff Rasheed - *
Jerome Allen-Jordan - *
Jonathon Pressley - *
David Haley Jr. - *
Duane Goode - *
Joel Chin-Young - *
Josh Wrighten - *
LaShawn Sutton - *

Linden vs Plainfield

Linden – 31
Plainfield – 0

In Plainfield’s final home game and the final home game that will be played on natural grass, the seniors were honored from the Band, Cheerleaders, and the Football Players.

The following Senior Football players were honored:

#1 – Dii’Jon Allen-Jordan
#2 – Samir Campbell
#4 – Rickie Barnett
#5 – Kevin Grundy
#6 – Joshua Knight
#7 – Robert Jackson
#8 – Chad Jno-Lewis
#12 – Sharrieff Rasheed
#15 – Israel Weaver
#32 – Jonathon Pressley
#52 – Joshua Forehand
#53 – Don Juan Harrison
#64 – Lamond Sparrow
#72 – Tyler Barratt
#74 – Trellis Nash
Linden air attack had Plainfield on the ropes.  It was obvious that Linden’s game plan was to stop Robert “Action” Jackson (3 consecutive games over 100 yards rushing).  Linden achieved that goal limiting Jackson to 11 yards rushing. 
1)      The offense could not sustain any drives
      2)      Linden exploited the mismatches
3)      Untimely penalties and turnovers.
The bright spot for this game was Rickie Barnett.  The injured Barnett played inspired ball on the defensive side with game high 9 tackles and a game high 4 tackles for loss yardage.  Ricky also recovered a fumble.  His performance earned him the Cardinal Fanatic player of the game. 

Other Notes:
Offensive Player of the game – Robert Jackson
Defensive Player of the game – Joshua Knight 

The following player’s earned the Cardinal Fanatic Star for their helmets
Rickie Barnett – 2*
Robert Jackson – *
Joshua Knight – *